Friday, April 10, 2009

thoughts for the day...

So I have been working on getting my internship lined up for this summer, thinking that I had all my classes completed and everything would go smooth and on time. Well I got a rude awakening yesterday when I tried to register for the internship course. I turns out I completley missed a class that happens to be a prerequisite for Internship 1. I was devastaed! I had just gotten an interview the day before for a treatment facility that I really wanted to intern at and now I find out I wont be able to intern this summer after all! Well after speaking with my program instructor, I was reassured he would work with me and I could go ahead and intern but I have to wait until the fall semester. Seeing as the course I missed is only offered in spring I will have to do my second internship along with the class. I am upset that my timeline is altered and I wont be graduating until May 2010, but atleast he is working with me instead of making me wait until after the class is complete to intern at all!

So I have decided that with my timeline being pushed back a good six months I will have to start looking for a job so that I can save up some money this summer and be able to afford gas and child care for the fall. At least now I have the money situation worked out, where as before it was all up in the air, and I pretty much just hoped I would be able to afford child care and gas for an unpaid internship.

Yesterday I made a stop at a gas station to apply for part-time work. Baby steps. I have never been the best at working these "just get me by" jobs. But I really enjoyed working at a gas station. When I was 18 I did work for a gas station for a year and I loved the regular customers and the down time where there was no customers and I could choose from several tasks to keep busy. That was the best part, working on my own without someone to directly tell me what to do. So I will be having an interview next week and I am nervous because I have never been good at those on the spot questions. "What are your strengths and weaknesses? Give an example of a time...." I have always had trouble thinking on the spot like that. So I am trying to come up with answers that I am sure the manager will ask. Hopefully I wont freeze up.