Friday, August 21, 2009

when you were four....

Just a few things I will miss when you are grown,
Batman laying on my kitchen floor,
talking to you on the phone.
Holding you in my arms when you were four.

Seems like just yesterday you were my little baby,
Already you will be starting school.
you will always be my baby.
I know school is going to rule.

But I will miss those late nights,
searching for that toy you cant sleep without,
The long days filled with your sister and your fights.
Those heartbreaking moments when I see you pout.

As you grow up you will need me less and less,
I wont be pestered with a million questions of why?
You wont need me to help you dress.
Soon the magic mommy kiss will not help when you cry.

I will miss the silly toddler things you say,
asking for "waternade" when you want lemonade,
or telling me "uhmpa's here" every other day.
I hope the memories will never fade.