Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow is melting...

It has been a decent day for a Monday. I have already finished my research papers for tonights Group Facilitation Class. I ended up taking Michael to the doctor, he was still not walking on his foot. They did Xrays and he has no broken bones in his foot, so it must be a sprain. He is bandaged up and watching spongebob now.
I got to spend some time on my own. The sun is shining and its warm. I shipped off some V.C. Andrews books that I have been selling on ebay. I stopped off at goodwill and found some tank tops, a dress for manda, a book for michael, and a cute spring candy dish. I felt so refreshed after that- that I stopped off and cleaned out the Tempo alittle. Now I am back in my dark dungeon- the house has felt like that all winter. Hopefully the kids dont fight too much before I go off to class. I would like to stay in this nice mood.