Friday, May 29, 2009

Kids and Scattered Toys

Since no one will bother to read this blog anyway I suppose I can let you into the craziness of my mind. Beware, I ramble and hop from topic to topic.

So I am sitting at home right now, suprise suprise, watching my bestfriend's girl's. Four kids running around screaming and terroizing my house, I feel like cowering in a corner or something. Not really, but I am sitting on this computer to try to escape.
Watching them dump all those toys out and empty every toy box is driving me nuts. I want to follow behind them and put everything away where it belongs and not let them touch it again. But I know they wont learn responsibility if I clean up after them all the time, and I cant not let them play with any toys just because the mess is irritating me. So tonight when the girls leave and I have my two kids in bed, I will come back downstairs and clean, organize, and make sure everything is in its place leaving less time for me. I will stay up anyway to enjoy the peace and quiet, then realize at 1 am that it is so late and I will go to bed dreading the morning. Even though the kids will still have me up at 6 or 7 depending on how early they wake up.

Oh boy the kids are back up stairs. I better go referree....

Ok Im back. So even though I know it is pointless to clean up behind the kids, I cant seem to stop myself from doing it. I know its exhausting and much like pushing a large boulder up a steep hill, but I cant help it. All those toys scattered all over the floor, cars mixed with dolls mixed with animals. It drives me nuts. I have to put them back in their own boxes and bins.